Across the globe, I am regularly invited to hold keynote presentations and deliver lectures about my recent work. I like to introduce the audience to the latest insights reading a variety of topics and outline the practical use of it. In other words, my speaking also adheres to the principles set out by my evidence-based consultancy approach. My presentations can range from highly academic to more practitioner oriented where the more societal and corporate challenges are centre stage. Click here to see an example.

If you want to invite me as a speaker, please, contact me via the details provided on this website. Below, you will find a list of some topics that I talk about:

Topics I talk about

  • When good people do bad things
  • What it takes to trust
  • Do we need a new type of leadership?

  • Leading and managing China’s economic transformation
  • Why Management by Algorithm (MBA) has limitations

  • The three laws of leadership
  • Being a proactive leader
  • The irrational decision-maker
  • The art of negotiating
  • On the need for responsible leadership in the new tech era

  • Putting executive pay in context
  • Leading with charisma
  • What money doesn’t buy
  • Rule-based compliance versus ethics-based incentives