Who is Prof. Dr. De Cremer?

Professor David De Cremer is a world leading thought leader and behavioural scientist with a special interest in managing and leading individual and organizational transformations in the 21st century (or also called the new tech era). Currently he holds the Provost Chair at National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School, where he is also a professor at management and organizations and the director and founder of the Centre on AI Technology for Humankind (AiTH) at NUS Business School. Before moving to NUS, he was the KPMG endowed professor at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. He received several career awards for his scientific work, was named the most influential economist in the Netherlands (2009-2010), a Global Thought Leader by the Trust Across America (2016) – Trust Around the World organization, whose annual list recognizes people for efforts “in elevating societal trust, and one of the World’s top 30 Management Gurus and Speakers in 2020.

His specific expertise concerns developing knowledge and applications to understand more deeply how leaders can be effective and transforming in the new technology era, how building trust can be used as business asset, what it takes to manage and lead global business transformations (especially with a focus on China and Asia), and why ethics-based compliance should be the future perspective in the corporate and financial world.

He provides services as a speaker and consultant that spans the levels of knowledge creation, knowledge transfer and knowledge implementation.

He is an advisor to the Ethics-based initiative of Novartis International AG (pharma) in Basel (Switzerland) and a founder of the LEading Artificial intelligence & Digital management (LEAD) platform, which aims to examine humanity in technology development. He has considerable experience in executive teaching and corporate consultancy at a global scale.

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Global experience

Having lectured and studied management and behavioural processes in Western countries, the United Arab Emirates, China and India, David De Cremer has considerable experience in understanding what makes business tick at a global level. His expertise shows that when it comes down to understanding human behaviour across cultures we may appear to differ above the surface, but if we look deeper (below the surface) then we may be more alike than we actually realize. Arriving at a better understanding of these (unknown) similarities and differences can provide your organization a competitive advantage.

Check out his Harvard Business Review piece here on understanding differences and similarities in trust building between the West and China.

Evidence-based consultancy

Bringing the latest academic work to live requires an understanding of what happens in the business world and at the same time seeing the parallels with what we know from our research. David De Cremer strongly believes in the art of evidence-based management and consultancy where daily business decisions find their foundation in accurate scientific knowledge tested to reveal the best business results.

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